What OS are you on?

Note: If you are using the default file-based session handler, your
filesystem must keep track of access times (atime). Windows FAT does not so
you will have to come up with another way to handle garbage collecting your
session if you are stuck with a FAT filesystem or any other fs where atime
tracking is not available.

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I'm using php's built in functions, and i've made a very basic script
thats keeps reloading minute by minute and wen it was more than 24
minutes (1440 seconds) reloading in any moment the variables gets
Also the last acced time from the file were the session data is stored
is updated every time that the page is reloaded, so the problen is that
i think that is making the garbage collection based on the creation time
no the last accesed time.

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I'm having a trouble with session vars, that i suspect that is related
to garbage collection system. I start a session and make and continuos
use of it, but sudently the session vars are reseted, the time when this
ocurs is variable, always after passing the time of garbage recollection
since the session was started, but less than a minute from the last use
of the session, is this the correct way for php session handling or can
be any error in the scripts or the php config?

If you're not using your own session handling functions, garbage
collection won't touch the file if it's been accessed in the last 1440
seconds (I think that's the default).

What if you write a really basic session page and keep loading it? Do
the variables dissappear from that, also? I'm sure it's something in the
code you've written, as normal session operations wouldn't do this.

---John Holmes...

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