apparently this does not work with socket_read() but only with higher level
socket functions (fread etc). However I have found a function called
socket_set_nonblock(socketname) which apparently does something very
similar, it prevents the socket_read from waiting to receive data. I simply
built my own timeout loop into the code and voila!!


"Gareth Thomas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am attempting to timeout a socket_read() that is part of a handshaking
> process using socket_set_timeout(). Problem is it doesn't seem to work at
> all. If I switch of the handshaking write on the server side the read just
> sits there and doesn't time out at all. I have tried
> socket_set_timeout($socket,1) which I believe is 1 second and it never
> out...
> Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated.
> Gareth

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