--- Gareth Thomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am attempting to timeout a socket_read() that is part
> of a handshaking process using socket_set_timeout().
> Problem is it doesn't seem to work at all. If I switch of
> the handshaking write on the server side the read just
> sits there and doesn't time out at all. I have tried
> socket_set_timeout($socket,1) which I believe is 1 second
> and it never times out...

My bet is that you are only setting the timeout but not
ever checking to see whether the socket has timed out. If
you want to only read from the socket until it times out,
you need to add that to your logic. Try something like

socket_set_timeout($fp, $timeout_seconds);

# Get socket status
$socket_status = socket_get_status($fp);

# Read response up to 128 bytes at a time until EOF or
socket times out
while(!feof($fp) && !$socket_status["timed_out"])
     $response .= fgets($fp, "128");
     $socket_status = socket_get_status($fp);


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