Hi Anthony

> Qusetion: 1:
> What would happen if I changed the php.ini settings to:
> SMTP=mail.yourisp.com
> sendmail_from=MyAddress@MyDomain
> as opposed to:
> >SMTP=smtp.ISPs.domain

=as long as the SMTP server is accessible and you have access rights, then
it can be anyone's/anywhere...

> > When you use PHP provided by a service, you will need to establish what
> they
> > have set up as SMTP server, and if it is not acceptable to you (for
> whatever
> > reason that might be) work out how to override it.
> I'm not sure why I would not think it is not "acceptable". Please advise.

=Some web-hosts only have the one PHP.INI. That means you would have to use
what they define as SMTP server. I don't know (a) what the host may define,
(b) what you will find acceptable... ie it may or may not result in an
issue/be relevant to you.

> Also...let's say I'm developing another site with a mail form box using
> Win98 and Apache
> Do I then have to reconfigure the php.ini files back to localhost from:
> SMTP=mail.yourisp.com

=each PHP/web server has its own PHP.INI file. Thus each defines its own
(default) SMTP server.

=it may not be necessary to move SMTP servers: remember that your FROM:
address can be [EMAIL PROTECTED] even though the PHP-defined SMTP server is

=if you use a good script/class, each application you build can define its
own SMTP parameters and have its own domain/From address, etc.

> Thank you.

=a pleasure.

=did I understand the intent of the question correctly?

> TR
> > I use a script/class from PHPguru.org, and I can't say for sure that it
> even
> > looks at the PHP.INI settings because I set them directly/again within
> > mail function's code. Highly recommended!
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