PHP v4.2.3 with Apache 1.3.24 under Win2000 Prof SP2

Downloaded the full v4.2.3 zip package/Win binary, some weeks ago.
Installation went fine. Extensions are happily included. Have had several
weeks of operations.

Decided to install cURL to do some URL (strangely enough) link
verification-checking. Started at manual: XII. CURL, Client URL Library
with sent me to and in turn

Downloaded curl-7.10.2-win32-nossl which (really) only contains CURL.EXE. I
cannot see any instructions telling me what to do with this/where to put
it!? Moved it to the same location as PHP.EXE. It runs happily from the
command line (so that's something!)

Moved both the .dlls around, checked the MVC file, and uncommented the
PHP.INI line - and verified it with PHPINFO().

However when a PHP script (copied straight off the PHP manual) calls
curl_init () it causes Apache to crash: "Apache.exe has generated errors and
will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error
log is being created."
- restarting the Apache service and re-running results in the same error
- rebooting the whole system and re-running also.
- the v-server's error log shows nothing and the access log only shows the
PHPINFO() mentioned
- there's nothing in the Windows Event log
- I can't figure out where this "error log" is created

Help! I've missed something...

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