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> Hi,
> Friday, December 6, 2002, 11:06:36 AM, you wrote:
> G> I have a hosted account. As such, I am unable to use the default
> G> for files when used with the include command. So could somebody tell me
> G> I can either make it go to a different directory, or to link to
> G> (and how to add the variable as the filename)?
> G> Thank you in advance.
> If you still need access to the default include directory put this at the
top of
> each page:
> ini_set
> Then no matter what directory you are in you can just include("filename");
> --
> regards,
> Tom

Thank you. This should work, but I have one question about the format of
that. this way I can make sure I do things right (getting a parse error
right now)

what did you mean by "include_path"?
/path/to/local/includes is just the path to the default includes folder?
and is include_path just the path to the includes folder that I use. And
with this, do I use the URL, or the file path (what I get whenever I get

and thank you again

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