Saturday, December 7, 2002, 7:15:38 AM, you wrote:

>> ini_set
G> ("include_path","/path/to/local/includes:"ini_get("include_path"));
>> Then no matter what directory you are in you can just include("filename");
>> --
>> regards,
>> Tom

G> Thank you. This should work, but I have one question about the format of
G> that. this way I can make sure I do things right (getting a parse error
G> right now)

G> what did you mean by "include_path"?
G> /path/to/local/includes is just the path to the default includes folder?
G> and is include_path just the path to the includes folder that I use. And
G> with this, do I use the URL, or the file path (what I get whenever I get
G> errors)

G> and thank you again
Looks like I forgot a '.' in there :)
"/path/to/local/includes:" is the path to your new includes, we do that first so
that is the first place it will look . The ':' is used to add in another path
which we use ini_get() to retrieve the system wide include file from php.ini.
You may drop this and the ':' if you don't need it.

so if you are setup like this for example

/home/username/public_html/...........web directory
/home/username/includes/..............your include directory

the line would be



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