To convert \n's to <br />\n's on any string, use nl2br().

To trim excess white space (\n, \r, [space] \t, etc) from both the beginning
and end of a string, use trim().


$str = "this is a string with an\nenter in the middle, and two at the
$str = trim($str);
$str = nl2br($str);
echo $str;

This should echo:
this is a string with an<br />
enter in the middle

What do you actually want to do, and what's the problem?


on 08/12/02 5:28 PM, Dade Register ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hey... I have a question about trim. I don't know if
> trim() is the right funtion to use, but here is my
> problem.
> I am recieving a textarea input from a form and
> writing it to a data file. I need to change any line
> breaks or (enter) if you will into a <br> or something
> else. When it's in my text file, it screws it up.
> Please, someone give me an idea of how to oversome
> this. I can't seem to make trim() work at all. It does
> remove a \n if you type that in, but won't actually
> remove an (enter). Thanx for your help in advance.
> -Dade
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