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> To amplify on this:
> ...

Interesting comments! ...not sure if I understood everything though :(

Anyway, for Justin's original problem, I think it'll be solve by "simply"
doing two things:
1. Add " GMT" to the end of the string being passed to strtotime().
2. Use gmdate() instead of date().



  $my_date = "December 10, 2002 22:13:09";

  $my_date .=  " GMT";
  // testing on my test server...
  // with the string " GMT", echo $my_stamp -> 1039558389
  // without it, echo $my_stamp  ------------------> 1039525989

  $my_stamp = strtotime($my_date);
  echo "$my_stamp<br />";
  echo gmdate('D, d M Y G:i:s', $my_stamp);

  // Conclusion: Using strtotime() with GMT will create
  //   a timestamp that if used with gmdate() will produce
  //   desired result whichever timezone you run the script.


That should work. If not, tell me about it later--I'm more than happy to be
corrected. But for now, I'll be taking some rest :)

- E

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