No complaints about explanations in PHP manual - I often say that it IS a
cut-above the average. However it does NOT explain the underlying concepts
of "timestamps", (quite rightly) expecting that we pick up such from
other/more appropriate sources. Hence my comments are refering to such
sources/attempting to find such sources...

Like you, when I re-read that entry in the PHP manual (after your
informative reply) I 'saw' the logic and discovered that I had to move the
'location' in my mind-map where I had framed the GMT/TZ adjustment.
Fortunately it didn't nullify any design decisions I've made/relied upon.
Unfortunately *NIX sources thus far consulted don't seem to feel it
necessary to do the same/print anything confirming (and many of them most
careless in your "GMT" point) - and hence the discomfort. It is always
difficult to learn new things, and if not more so, can be v.awkward trying
to adapt from one philosophy to another, eg Windows to *NIX. Getting the
terminology straight is one thing, getting the model worked out another. I
don't doubt what you say/am happy to be shown to be wrong, but would sure
like to 'prove' it. As I say, am probably just barking up the wrong
(Christmas) tree(s). No worries - it's familiar territory!

Thanks for your help,

> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: DL Neil [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > Sent: 10 December 2002 19:52
> >
> > =as a Windows user I struggle to cope with some of these UNIX
> > concepts, so I
> > hit Google - with no joy, and ripped through the SuSE manuals
> > (I'm a closet
> > Linux user - will become one, just as soon as I can find the
> > necessary spare
> > machine (and time!) - till then, the box of manuals, CD-ROMs
> > etc lives in
> > the closet!) Would you believe, none appear to clarify this
> > (maybe I'm using
> > the wrong terminology/barking up the wrong trees...).
> Well, I think the PHP manual is pretty good about this -- all the pages
> looked at are careful to add the GMT timezone indicator when referring to
> the base date of the Unix epoch, which is pretty much what tipped me off
> the correct interpretation.  (If you find a reference there that doesn't
> include the GMT indicator, I reckon that would be worth a bug report in
> Documentation problem category.)
> Cheers!
> Mike
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