I agree with Jason, it seems strange to have a command line option (that can
only apply to command line operation) and yet the output be in
browser/non-command line format... However with PHP-CLI 'coming soon', maybe
that sorts things out.

Meantime may I suggest combining the two answers:

php -i  >/tmp/test_php.html

(note file type)
Thereafter chuck test_php.html into your browser for convenient viewing/to
'get rid' of the tags/static.
(when I do this, the graphics don't print out, eg PHP logo at page top -
which is a convenient way of differentiating between phpinfo() from the
command line and from a web server!)

Hope it helps,

> > >How to test php.info from command line:
> >
> > #echo "<?php phpinfo()?>" | php
> >
> > to the standard output (screen) - or if you want to a file like this
> > #echo "<?php phpinfo()?>" | php > /tmp/test_php.txt
> >
> > Oliver Etzel
> >
> > .eu - domain are coming soon
> > www.t-host.com
> Or simply
>   #php -i
> It would be nice if there was a text-only version without all the HTML

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