Greetings gang.

You know me, I never ask for help if I haven't checked all my other options, but this 
is day two, and I'm getting spanked on this one.

Some recently moved scripts from a WIN2K server running PHP 4.2.1 to an Apache PHP 
4.2.3 setup have stop accepting HTML Form Variables.

I can pass variables till I am blue in the face, even see them in the URL but they are 
still showing up as (!isset)

My ISP (Whom is using Virtual Directories) has no solution, and I have tried every 
code variation I could think of to troubleshoot it. This code has been working fine 
for Months on the WIN2K box, but just doesn't pass a var on the Linux solution.

Can any Server pros out there possibly throw me a bone? My deadline is looming. :^)

As always, a million thanks in advance.
Yours truly.

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