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> I want to repeat the following code as many times as the user 
> specifies in the variable $_POST['x']. I then need to have 
> the output display as all the numbers found in the sequence. 
> How would I do this?
> Code:
>     $number = 1;
>     $output = $num3;
>     do {
>      $output = $output * $r . ", ";

Well, the first time you do this you no longer have a number but a string,
so you're already in trouble....

>      $number++;
>     } while($number < $_POST['x']);
> What this is supposed to do is find the next X numbers in a 
> sequence with the common ratio (r) being the multiplier. 
> After that, it puts it in a list, and tells the user the next 
> X numbers in the sequence...

Why don't you just echo each number as you calculate it?  Whilst we're about
it, let's use a for loop instead of that cumbersome do while!

     for ($output = $num3, $number = 1; $number < $_POST['x']; $number++):
        $output *= $r;
        echo "$output, ";

If you need to build the string for other purposes, you will need to build
it up in a separate variable:

     for ($list='', $output=$num3, $number=1; $number < $_POST['x'];
        $output *= $r;
        $list .= ($list?', ':'') . $output;
     echo $list;



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