John, PHP-general,

OK. I think I understand this, but let me ask just to be sure.

So if I setup in my page something to this effect:
if ($_SERVER['!HTTPS']) {
        echo "Switching over to SSL...";
        echo "<META redirect to SSL>";
        } else {
        echo "**Rest of Page**";

Would this work? I am about to add a secind site to my site using an alias
in Apache. Example is for first site and Except I want everything for the second site
to be https. Make sense?

Thanks again,
Ron Clark

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> Hello all. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. Is it 
> possible to determine is someone is hitting your site over SSL or 
> plain http
> PHP? If so, is it part of getenv()?

I think it's $_SERVER['HTTPS']. If that is set, then the connection is over

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