>John, PHP-general,
>OK. I think I understand this, but let me ask just to be sure.
>So if I setup in my page something to this effect:
>if ($_SERVER['!HTTPS']) {
>       echo "Switching over to SSL...";
>       echo "<META redirect to SSL>";


recommend insuring this is at the top of your page and using header() instead

appears seamless to the client

>       } else {
>       echo "**Rest of Page**";
>       }

and would eliminate that as well

-----------------------------Start of file------------------------------
if ($_SERVER['HTTPS']!='on') {
        header("Location: https://www.example.com/page.ext";);
# rest of page here since if it isn't secure the page stops at the exit after
the header has been sent to the browser to redirect.
-----------------------------end of file------------------------------

Check your particular server response for the match, you may be able to just do;
if (!$_SERVER['HTTPS']) {



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