ons, 2002-12-11 kl. 22:29 skrev Jonathan Ellis:

> horde --  main point in its favor is it is quite actively developped,
> and has an active community (mailing list has rougly 10x activity of the
> others here), but the docs are pathetic.

The docs are the PHP4 and PEAR manuals. Those who can not be bothered to
read them, does not deserve to work with PHP at all.

> (maybe that is why there is so
> much mailing list activity. :)  Whoever designed Horde's rudimentary
> data model was clueless --  primary key of the user table is the screen
> name, for instance.

Whoever criticises Horde's data model ought well to consider a job
mending roads (delivering Pizzas is o.k. as an alternative).




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