Hi Karel,

> mysql entries: at least 2M
> php code: at least 1M lines 

More than a million lines of code? That's a *big* app.

> And now we are experiencing a really heavy 
> load on the server. (no root access, but we think 
> it's PHP).

You're running it on a server with no root access? Is it a shared server? If
you're running a >1,000,000 LOC app I'd expect it to have enough traffic
that a dedicated box would be a necessity.

Have you looked at the output from top when the load is getting too heavy?
This will tell you which processes are tying up the processor.

Did the heavy load happen immediately after your code change? If so then
that might be a culprit... are there any chunks of code you can roll back to
the old version to see if the load decreasese? (e.g. have you modified a bit
to use a *lot* of string concatenation, or something?)


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