1megabyte of code :)
not 1M lines

sorry about that confusion there

and the problem began slow, not noticable... But it's now worse then ever.

"Jon Haworth" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi Karel,
> > mysql entries: at least 2M
> > php code: at least 1M lines
> More than a million lines of code? That's a *big* app.
> > And now we are experiencing a really heavy
> > load on the server. (no root access, but we think
> > it's PHP).
> You're running it on a server with no root access? Is it a shared server?
> you're running a >1,000,000 LOC app I'd expect it to have enough traffic
> that a dedicated box would be a necessity.
> Have you looked at the output from top when the load is getting too heavy?
> This will tell you which processes are tying up the processor.
> Did the heavy load happen immediately after your code change? If so then
> that might be a culprit... are there any chunks of code you can roll back
> the old version to see if the load decreasese? (e.g. have you modified a
> to use a *lot* of string concatenation, or something?)
> Cheers
> Jon

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