Spam Arrest Sender VerificationYesterday we held an amusing discussion which 
highlighted the futility of using (badly implemented) technological 'solutions' to a 
social problem...

Herewith I attach a response received pursuant to a list contribution. Does this 
'gentleman' seriously expect every list contributor to provide him with a personal 
service requesting permission to be allowed to post to him? What happens if dozens of 
his colleagues join up? BTW I will, happily, for my hourly fee (minimum charge four 

Suggest that the list 'rules' be updated to point out that such requirements are 
unlikely to be received favorably, so if he wants to join the community he needs to do 
'join' us (not vice-versa).

NB I know that technically I've broken my/the list's rules by reproducing this in 
HTML, and have done so that those who can, are able to see the stupidity in its full 
glory/know which service NOT to use...


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  From: Kadir 
  Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 11:51 AM
  Subject: RE: Re: [PHP-DB] Formatting txt from a database (verification)

  Kadir here,

  I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail.
  Just this once, click the link below so I can receive your emails. You won't have to 
do this again. 

  You are receiving this message in response to your email to Kadir, a Spam Arrest 

  Spam Arrest requests that senders verify themselves before their email is delivered. 

  When you click the above link, you will be taken to a page with a graphic on it. 
Simply read the word in the graphic, type it into the form, and you're verified. 

  You will only need to do this once per Spam Arrest customer. 

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