On Thursday 12 December 2002 20:06, DL Neil wrote:
> Spam Arrest Sender VerificationYesterday we held an amusing discussion
> which highlighted the futility of using (badly implemented) technological
> 'solutions' to a social problem...
> Herewith I attach a response received pursuant to a list contribution. Does
> this 'gentleman' seriously expect every list contributor to provide him
> with a personal service requesting permission to be allowed to post to him?
> What happens if dozens of his colleagues join up? BTW I will, happily, for
> my hourly fee (minimum charge four hours)!
> Suggest that the list 'rules' be updated to point out that such
> requirements are unlikely to be received favorably, so if he wants to join
> the community he needs to do 'join' us (not vice-versa).
> NB I know that technically I've broken my/the list's rules by reproducing
> this in HTML, and have done so that those who can, are able to see the
> stupidity in its full glory/know which service NOT to use...

I haven't looked at the spam arrest site, but I'm sure they must provide a 
whitelisting feature where you can manually add people/lists from whom you 
definitely want to receive mail. In that case, as always, it's another case 
of user misconfiguration/ignorance.

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