The database is an access db but all I want to do is upload it, but check
first wether it is newer or not. I plan to have the email automatically sent
each day but only upload it if it is newer. All I am trying to do is bypass
the ftp part which I cant do.

Is there a reference on how to pull out the email from qmail? I am new to
this concept.

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On Friday 13 December 2002 17:17, Roke, Ian wrote:
> Hi there people,
> I am currently working on a database front-end for a company database and
> would like to know if it would be possible to email "access.db" to
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and a script would be run on it to save it over the
> top of the database that is already on the server (and a few little tweaks
> as well) instead of having to manually upload seeing as ftp connections
> not allowed.

It is possible to send mail to an email address and have it processed by a 
script. It depends on your mailserver, eg with sendmail you can its alias 
mechanism, with qmail you can use dot-qmail files.

But I'm not sure how you would process "access.db" assuming that it is a
created by MS Access.

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