HI Nofa,

When you say submit the file, do mean as a TXT file via a file upload field?
If so, not sure what to do with the file once it's been uploaded. Do I read
the file using fopen(), then just put this into a var that can be stored in
the DB? Hmmm... sounds like a good solution.


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> Subject: Re: Text Fields - How Big Can They Be?
> Have you considered allowing them to submit the actual file? rather than all
> the text within. It may not be exactly what you're after, but its one way :]
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>> Hi Guys... This is indirectly related to PHP: Does anyone know the max
>> amount of text a free-form HTML text field can handle?
>> I noticed that for some longer articles we're storing in a content
>> management system written with PHP, we were unable to paste the body of
> the
>> article into the text field because there was too much text. When we pared
>> the text down, it was no problem.
>> This is bad news for a content management system! We have some longer
>> articles, around 8-10 HTML pages, and now I have no idea how we are going
> to
>> get them into the system using an HTML form. I really don't want to have
> to
>> do this manually in MySQL. That would make me break down and start
> sobbing.
>> Has anyone else dealt with this and found a solution?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Monty

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