Hi John, I'm using POST for the form. But it's the HTML form field itself
that won't allow me to paste in a large amount of text. If I can get the
field to accept the text, there's no problem sending it via POST to the PHP

Are you behind the new PHP Architect magazine? I saw the site and will
definitely be subscribing! It's a great idea.



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> Subject: RE: [PHP] Text Fields - How Big Can They Be?
> Are you using GET or POST as the method of your form? GET will limit the
> amount of text you can submit because it appears in the URL. POST really
> doesn't have a limit, as far as I know.
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>> From: Monty [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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>> Subject: [PHP] Text Fields - How Big Can They Be?
>> Hi Guys... This is indirectly related to PHP: Does anyone know the max
>> amount of text a free-form HTML text field can handle?
>> I noticed that for some longer articles we're storing in a content
>> management system written with PHP, we were unable to paste the body
> of
>> the
>> article into the text field because there was too much text. When we
> pared
>> the text down, it was no problem.
>> This is bad news for a content management system! We have some longer
>> articles, around 8-10 HTML pages, and now I have no idea how we are
> going
>> to
>> get them into the system using an HTML form. I really don't want to
> have
>> to
>> do this manually in MySQL. That would make me break down and start
>> sobbing.
>> Has anyone else dealt with this and found a solution?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Monty
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