the legend starts here

"The _URL_ should point to a PHP file. The MAX_FILE_SIZE hidden field must precede the 
file input field and its value is the maximum filesize accepted. The value is in 

it also notes

"The MAX_FILE_SIZE is advisory to the browser. It is easy to circumvent this maximum. 
So don't count on it that the browser obeys your wish! The PHP-settings for 
maximum-size, however, cannot be fooled. "

Paul Roberts
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On Saturday 14 December 2002 16:40, Tom Rogers wrote:

> Just clutching at straws as there was no mention of which browser was being
> used and it may have been needed as this is a browser directive. I have
> never had trouble uploading files with or without that setting.

Ah, so in your case you're quoting an urban legend ;-)

I would really like to hear of a case where an upload fails *just because of* 
not putting in that hidden element. I've asked on the list before but never 
got any definite responses.

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