Globals on? File uploads allowed? Safe mode off?

Miro Kralovic wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to upload a file using the following scripts, but it doesn't
work, it actually doesn't get through the first line of PHP script at all
and displays "a problem has occured" message. I'm running the script on RH
Linux/PHP4. Is there anything I'm missing here???

Many thanks in advance,


<head><title>File Upload</title></head>

<form id="data" method="post" action="input_file.php"
Choose a file: <br>
<input name="testfile" type="file" size="50" maxlength="100000"><br>
<input name="submit" type="submit">



    if ($testfile)
	if (is_uploaded_file($testfile))
	    echo "userfile: $testfile<br>\n";
	    echo "userfile_name: $testfile_name<br>\n";
	    echo "userfile_size: $testfile_size<br>\n";
	    echo "no file updated";
	echo "a problem has occured";

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