Using MS Win 98 / Apache Server:

I'm trying to test a form box using the php mail() function.

All is well when I fill in the text boxes and hit submit.

I receive the e-mail.

The form action in the html page is:

<FORM ACTION="http://localhost/getform.php";  METHOD="POST">


when I copy both of those files which are:

1. The html file for the form box

- I have now changed the form action to read:



2. the .php file for the script

and publish them to my site which is hosted on my ISP's MS Server, and then
input data in the form boxes and hit submit:

I now get the following:
NOTICE: Undefined Variable: name in
d:\inetpub\\getform.php  in line 7

Then, when I check my e-mail I get a message with no input data from the
variables like the name, e-mail, address, etc.

Thanking all in advance who might help me out.
Tony Ritter


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