my page is .SHTML format, so I can't use <?php include('path/to/file') ?> or
any PHP coding..

another strange thing, I found that the page source contains the included
PHP content, without executing it!!
I mean, when I use the sentince:

<!--#include virtual="sympoll/poll.php?id=2" -->

I found the follwoing in the source:


  require './booth.php';


which is the content of included file (poll.php)!!!

notice that when ever I put this php INCLUDE before any other php INCLUDE
command, it executed perfectly, but the other INCLUDE's would have this
problem (printing out the contents of included file without execution)

As I said before, this problem happens if and only if I include PHP script,
no problems when including SHTML or HTML pages....!

please help :(

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Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2002 10:39 AM
Subject: [PHP] Re: Strange problem with PHP,SSI

> Sport4ever wrote:
> > PHP version: 4.2.1
> > OS: RedHat Linux 8
> > Apache version: 2.0
> >
> > My problem is that I can't execute more than one (SSI include) on my
website JUST for PHP file.. so there is NO problems at all if I include HTML
or SHTML files.
> >
> > Anyway, if I include 2 PHP files into any page, the first INCLUDE
statement would execute correctly and print out the file output, but the
second INCLUDE statement would NOT execute, and instead, the statement
printed in the page source as it is:
> >
> > <!--#include virtual="sympoll/poll.php?id=2" -->
> >
> > notice that this problem was not exist in my server before I upgrade PHP
from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 and Apache from 1.3 to 2.0 and Linux from 7.3 to 8.0 !!
> >
> > any idea?
> >
> >
> Hey, you could try using the PHP include
> <?php include('path/to/file') ?>
> or
> <?php require('path/to/file') ?>
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