---- snip ----
/* variables in array set earlier in script */
$userVars = array($nameFirst, $nameLast, $pass, $pass2, $auth, $dob_year, $dob_month, $dob_day);

for ($i=0; $i <= count($userVars); $i++) {
if (empty($userVars[$i])) {
echo "please enter all required info";
--- snip ----
count($array) returns the number of items in the array.

$array[$i] retreives the item at location $i, but remember, this location is ZERO-BASED. That means if we have an array of 10 items, the positions would be from 0 to 9.

In the above code you have $i <= count($userVars)

The problem is that when $i = count($userVars), $i has surpassed the position of the last time, thus causing it to return as being empty.

Kyle Gibson

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