I think your error is this:

$userVars = array($nameFirst, $nameLast, $pass,
$pass2, $auth, $dob_year, $dob_month, $dob_day);

for ($i=0; $i <= count($userVars); $i++) {
                        if (empty($userVars[$i])) {
                                 echo "please enter all required info";
You're using eight variables, so $userVars have
indexes like these $userVars[0]=$nameFirst,
$userVars[1]=$nameLast, ... , $userVars[7]=$dob_day
In the for loop you're using $i <= count($userVars),
that is $i<=8, but you declare $i =0... so the loop is
running nine times 0,1,...,8
The echo that you're seeing is the last run, cause
empty($userVar[8]) is true (there is nothing in that
index) Got it?
Make it $i < count($userVars).
I hope this help you.

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