> Okay, wait.
> How?
> say, I have a field of checkboxes in 3 columns and 6 rows. I need at
> one checked.
> At the moment every checkbox has the name of kind: q3_4_1 , where 4
> for row and 1 for column. Now, how do I name them and loop through
> Plus, if $HTTP_POST_VAR["q3_4_1"] wasn't checked at all, the value is
> passed over, right? So I get... null, I believe. So with my eval I
> do
> if(isset()) and then go on. How would I I behave in your case?
> Please, John, if you could be even more specific?....
> Sweating Alex

Well, you could do it exactly the same way, but with arrays. 

The same way that you name it "q3_4_1", you'd name your elements exactly
like "q3[4][1]", which will give you a $HTTP_POST_VARS['q3'][4][1]
variable. So you just loop through that array and see what's set and
what isn't. It depends on what you do if the are set or not, but you can
do something like this. I'm going to use $_POST for simplicity.

//$_POST['q3']['row']['column'] (reference)
for($row = 0;$row < 6; $row++)
  for($col = 0; $col < 3; $col++)
    { echo "Checkbox row: $row, column: $col was checked"; }
    { echo "Checkbox row: $row, column: $col was not checked"; }

Untesteed, but that should work.

---John Holmes...

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