argh! eval()
try this instead: $temp = ${"php_q3_$i"};
to get it directly from $HTTP_POST_VARS: $temp =


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I know, it's eval = evil, but I don't see any other way I can check for 120
variables submitted via post, without making a temp variable, assigning a
value of the posted Var and checking for it (and deciding on the further run
of the script). Anyways, I took a classical eval thing and am doing fine
with it. It looks like this:

$temp = "\$php_q3_".$i; // $i is a loop index
eval ("\$temp = \"$temp\";");

works alright. Now, how do I eval directly from the $HTTP_POST_VARS?

I am trying to do this:

$tempVar1 = '\$HTTP_POST_VARS[\"q4_'.$i.'"]';

and am obviously failing. If you know any other way to validate 120-150
variables in a loop and then rewrite the values into the fields (checkboxes,
radios and selects) - should an error had been made - let me know.

Best Regards,

p.s. you do help! :)

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