An upcoming project I'm working and spec'ing out is a mass mailing
application. Initially, I was looking at Mailman which was written in Python
since it looks like it handles delivering emails efficiently without killing
the server. We have 1 client able to send 110,000 emails at 6.5K avg per
week on PIII 800 with 128 MB RAM using Mailman. The inteface however is very
bad and we'd like to develop other features like text ads, tracking,
templates, etc. This would require writing a wrapper around Mailman in PHP.
I was considering of writing the mass mailing application in PHP instead

If anyone has eperience writing such applications with this amount of
emails, I'd like to know what you've done.

I'm thinking of coding the front end in PHP that will put the email into a
queue table that will force a command line PHP script listening on a
particular port to scan the database for this new task in queue. Once it
picks up the task, the timeout for this application to run will be set to
infinite. It'll establish a SMTP socket either to a really beefed up mailing
list server or the localhost SMTP server to begin blasting out these emails.

>From what I understand, it's better to blast emails via an open socket
connection to SMTP rather than looping through Sendmail. Is this the right
thing todo?

I've also heard that PHP is not good for writing mailing lists application,
but Mailman is written in Python and it's able to send thousands of email
just fine. Any thoughts on this?

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