Sunday, December 22, 2002, 7:24:41 AM, you wrote:
BG> Hi,

BG> I've finally got a host and I want to transfer my existing website - I 
BG> have managed to copy and upload my database (wow that was easy.. had 
BG> been dreading it!!!!) but now I'm worried that my sessions aren't going 
BG>  to work correctly, as I'm sure there are probably other users with 
BG> "userID" variables being set and things like that - with it being a 
BG> shared server, it's obviously a little different to a dedicated one.

BG> Would it be enough to simply set a variable like "mysiteidentifier" and 
BG> only bother checking for other session variables if that's set? Or, do I 
BG> need to override the server's session variables each time I start 
BG> sessions in every page that uses them? I imagine the former would mean 
BG> that other sites would be able to potentially get my session variables, 
BG> which isn't great.

BG> Probably very simple, so sorry if it's incredibly dull!

BG> Thanks,

BG> --
BG> Beth Gore
BG> http://bethanoia.dyndns.org

Session data is kept seperate for each individual access so they will never get
mixed up no matter what you call your session variables.


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