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 ID:                 73133
 Updated by:         c...@php.net
 Reported by:        fernando at null-life dot com
 Summary:            Remove windows unsupported snapshtots and add
                     supported ones
 Status:             Open
 Type:               Bug
 Package:            Website problem
 Operating System:   *
 PHP Version:        Irrelevant
 Block user comment: N
 Private report:     N

 New Comment:

> http://windows.php.net/downloads/snaps/

That's what I've actually meant, and I think this page should be linked from 
the home page.

Previous Comments:
[2016-09-20 21:08:19] fernando at null-life dot com

The current header/menu points to 
http://windows.php.net/snapshots/ maybe that should be pointed elsewhere?

http://windows.php.net/snaps seems to include the same downloads that 
http://windows.php.net/download (stable versions only)

However I also found this one with daily builds, that's what I was looking for, 


[2016-09-20 21:00:12] c...@php.net

IIRC, this issue has already been reported. Anyway, the URL is supposed to be 

[2016-09-20 19:54:05] fernando at null-life dot com

Can we please add PHP 7.0 and 7.1 snapshots and remove PHP 5.5 and 5.4 ones 
from [1]

[1] http://windows.php.net/snapshots/


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