Commit:    2634dc39e5bbbfd0ff78eb6eeb9e9e8d1b8f554d
Author:    Kalle Sommer Nielsen <>         Sat, 15 Oct 2016 
02:41:46 +0200
Parents:   1fab7f7ad3b7fca2456556dccf56d95847641000
Branches:  master


Fix changelog for 7.0.12

Changed paths:
  M  ChangeLog-7.php

diff --git a/ChangeLog-7.php b/ChangeLog-7.php
index 8e5c78b..d715282 100644
--- a/ChangeLog-7.php
+++ b/ChangeLog-7.php
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ site_header("PHP 7 ChangeLog", array("current" => "docs", 
"css" => array("change
   <li><?php bugfix(73156); ?> (segfault on undefined function).</li>
   <li><?php bugfix(73163); ?> (PHP hangs if error handler throws while 
accessing undef const in default value).</li>
   <li><?php bugfix(73172); ?> (parse error: Invalid numeric literal).</li>
-  <li>Fixed for #73240 (Write out of bounds at number_format).</li>
+  <li><?php bugfix(73240); ?> (Write out of bounds at number_format).</li>
   <li><?php bugfix(73147); ?> (Use After Free in PHP7 unserialize()).</li>
   <li><?php bugfix(73189); ?> (Memcpy negative size parameter 

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