Hello PHP team
I’m TONDOH N'nguessan Alex De Dieu student Geosciences but computer enthusiast 
and more precisely in website with PHP is a language very thorough and I 
learned that really excites me. I really have a mad desire to be an expert in 
that language.
In order to achieve my goals, I had the idea of ​​making me print the French 
documentation of this language on your website: http://php.net/manual/fr/. 
Because since I do es not read, I just followed the course: 
So, I want to build me a PDF of your document to print it and read it at first, 
then in a second time to publish it on the internet so that the French 
community on the internet can have the official documentation of language in 
I know PHP is an open source project, but I would like permission to perform 
the various tasks outlined above, in order not to have problems later.
Pending a result in a short and favorable period, please accept my sincere 
Provenance : Courrier<https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986> pour 
Windows 10

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