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 ID:                 75877
 Comment by:         carusogabriel34 at gmail dot com
 Reported by:        hajo dot locke at gmx dot de
 Summary:            PHP.net Website Problem
 Status:             Open
 Type:               Bug
 Package:            Website problem
 Operating System:   Irrelevant
 PHP Version:        Irrelevant
 Block user comment: N
 Private report:     N

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I also experience that, only when I email `internals-subscr...@lists.php.ne` as 

Nikita said isn't something new (see 

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[2018-01-29 07:45:36] hajo dot locke at gmx dot de

updated package to "PHP.net Website Problem"

[2018-01-26 11:54:28] hajo dot locke at gmx dot de


i just wanted to subscribe to some mailinglists using this form

I subscribed to internals or general list, but i never receive a 
confirmationmail to finalize subscribe-process.
Some of used Mailadresses work on my own System were iam the mailadmin. I dont 
see any incoming smtp-connect, so i assume there is a block on sending machine.

Now i did a manual subscription using ezlml in direct way by mailing to 
This was working, seems to be a website issue.

Test script:

Expected result:
get confirmationmail.

Actual result:
no confirmationmail


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