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Thanks for your help. (Determined that I have attached images via email.)

I have attached screen shots of what I am working with.
SS1: This is the add/insert image screen shot. Notice there is no image 
preview. I do put in the link and of course it will not show the image in the 
edit box but it will show the image in the post.   
SS2: This is part of the ibrowser plugin - upload and insert image popup. I can 
insert an image from here into the editor field. Works great and you will 
notice an image in SS3. But, even though it is showing there, when I check the 
link on the image, it is incorrect and will post incorrectly as a missing 
image. This incorrect link will be show in SS4 - I clicked on the insert image 
button and the pop shows the invalid link. The link is suppose to be 
images/newsimages/filename.ext  However, it's placing the link as  

I am still trying to figure out my paths and I'm not sure if PHPNS is placing 
the link incorrectly or it's coded elsewhere (ibrowser).  
If you need me to post any particular code I can do that also.

Thanks for your help and I hope that it is okay that I posted this particular 
problem with PHPNS. 

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Can you post your browser, version, OS, and a screenshot? It's hard to
deduce what's happening without much information.

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