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I've got a weird one... Is it possible in the current template system for me to 
have a page of maybe thumbnails or summaries with dynamically generated links 
to the single article, but it puts it in the page:1 or page:2 format rather 
than the a=1 or a=2 format? What I'm trying to do is have it so that it takes 
you to the main article with pagination and comments as an option. Currently 
{article_href} appears to be the only template option, so it of course takes 
you straight to the article with the comments displayed, and thus the only 
navigation I can have is 'back'... I can look into adding some kindof feature 
such as this to the code if there's no way to do it currently... I added an 
{img_src} (which is what the manual reports) to just produce a server path to 
be included in your own image tags for thumbnail generation or what have you.. 
If you want that code posted lemme know. Thanks.  

ps. is there an updated manual other than what's at ? It looks like some template includes have 
changed that arent reflected there...

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