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Included text on alternatives from patch #1398916 from SourceForge.
This might not be the best place to put this, we will eventually move
it to a webpage.

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+An incomplete list of alternatives to PHP Shell would be:
+* SSH. The Secure Shell is the standard solution to the problem that
+  PHP Shell tries to solve. SSH lets you login to a remote system in a
+  secure way where the traffic and password is encrypted at all
+  times. You can also upload and download files securely and make
+  encrypted TCP tunnels.
+  If your host supports SSH then use it and forget about PHP Shell or
+  any other solution.
+* Telnet. This is the old way to obtain an interactive login on a
+  remote system. Unfortunately telnet is insecure since the password
+  and subsequent traffic are sent in clear text. SSH was developed
+  precisely to replace telnet. The advantage of telnet over PHP Shell
+  is that it gives you an interactive session.
+* See more alternatives at the Anyterm homepage:

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