Revision: 23
Author:   mgeisler
Date:     2006-05-07 15:16:45 -0700 (Sun, 07 May 2006)

Log Message:
Small note about the pwhash.php file.

Modified Paths:
Modified: trunk/README
--- trunk/README        2006-05-07 22:12:30 UTC (rev 22)
+++ trunk/README        2006-05-07 22:16:45 UTC (rev 23)
@@ -133,6 +133,10 @@
   This is the script you run when you use PHP Shell.
+  A utility used to generate a hashed password.  Please read INSTALL
+  for more information.  This file poses no security risk.
   This file describe the changes I've made to PHP Shell.  By reading
   it you'll always know when I've added a new feature or made a

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