I was playing around with the json bindings and ran into a couple of
issues that imho should be changed.
First is the reliance on the directory structure. Originally only the
SCA directory was needed. When I tried to call a remote json service,
I found out that the top level SDO directory was also needed as there
is some pathing looking for a SDO/DAS/Json.php file (So with my layout
I added the entire pecl tree to the include_path entry). Either it
should be SCA/ and DAS/ OR SDO/. Personally I would prefer not to go
the SDO/ route just for the fact that it could contain a lot of other
things. Much easier to be copying the SCA and DAS directories
somewhere than having playing around cleaning up the SDO directory so
only the PHP code is left. Another possibility is to create some other
structure that encapsulates all the callable PHP code. In any case
consistency here would be good.

On to curl. It would probably be better to use the PHP stream support
if possible than relying on curl. For example, I have no curl support
on the system because its really not needed anymore - I use PHP
streams and like to keep my build lean. One less requirement the


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