Hi Rob

On 9 Mar, 16:58, "Rob" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was playing around with the json bindings and ran into a couple of
> issues that imho should be changed.
> First is the reliance on the directory structure. Originally only the
> SCA directory was needed. When I tried to call a remote json service,
> I found out that the top level SDO directory was also needed as there
> is some pathing looking for a SDO/DAS/Json.php file (So with my layout
> I added the entire pecl tree to the include_path entry). Either it
> should be SCA/ and DAS/ OR SDO/. Personally I would prefer not to go
> the SDO/ route just for the fact that it could contain a lot of other
> things. Much easier to be copying the SCA and DAS directories
> somewhere than having playing around cleaning up the SDO directory so
> only the PHP code is left. Another possibility is to create some other
> structure that encapsulates all the callable PHP code. In any case
> consistency here would be good.
Yes, I fell for this one again when doing some JSON-RPC tests earlier
and I put the wrong path in.
DAS is part of SDO because having a DAS on its own without SDO doesn't
really make any sense. What you have highlighted though is that when
we make the next release, including the JSON-RPC functionality, we
need to remember to ship the JSON DAS also. When you do a pecl install
SCA_SDO then SCA and SDO directories are created containing just the
PHP code from the package. Given the current scheme the json.php would
be expected to appear in SDO/DAS

> On to curl. It would probably be better to use the PHP stream support
> if possible than relying on curl. For example, I have no curl support
> on the system because its really not needed anymore - I use PHP
> streams and like to keep my build lean. One less requirement the
> better.

Good idea. Not tried it but have added it to the wish list. (http://
> Rob



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