On 19 Mar, 00:01, "tompaw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> There's one more thing I forgot to ask about: multiple FKs. Currently
> that's the main reason why I can't use SDO instead of Qcodo's ORM in
> my projects.
> I found the thread  "Many to Many", but it's unable to reply in it (I
> guess it's too old - Sept 2006). So here's my question: are there
> plans of implementing multiple FKs in Relational DAS?
> If not, do you know any hacks to that limitation? Almost all of my db
> designs use multiple FKs, and since you didn't implement that feature
> I'm beginning to think there's sth wrong with it. But the real-world
> objects are also multiple-fk'ed, for example this post has BOTH author
> and a thread, right?

I don't think there is anything wrong with using multiple foreign
keys. We just haven't got round to adding support yet. Sorry about
that. The relational DAS was put together to show how it could be done
but doesn't implement all of the features that you may want when
compared, for example, to the relational DAS implementation in Java
SCA. A couple of people have asked for this now as well as support for
many to many relationships so we should try and bump it up the
priority list. If you feel like having a go yourself at adding support
you are most welcome of course;-). No idea why Google didn't allow you
to post to the original message. Very strange!

I don't know of anyone who is using the relational DAS in anger just
yet (maybe we will see posts if someone is). We would like to move
toward that but as you say not having many to many and multiple
foreign key support makes that difficult for people at the moment. If
you have time to try it, even if only in your test environment, and
feed back that would be great.

There is nothing targeted specifically for people in Europe looking at
or working on OSOA things as far as I know. There have been people
talking about OSOA at a number of European PHP conferences as well as
US ones. Is that what you mean?



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