Hi Simon,
I was also out on hols but I noticed that two of the bindings Graham
Charters had been working on had seen the light of day. They are an
rss binding and an eBaY binding. I don't know how to use either of
them - I expect Graham has some sample code that he has not checked
in. AFAIK, though, the rss binding is a sort of read-only binding to
an rss feed, whereas the ebay binding has more in it and lets you make
calls to ebay.

So, I think the inventory of bindings we have is as follows
soap (I just yesterday renamed binding.ws to binding.soap everywhere)

These four are all similar in that so far as they are all rpc-style
bindings and very similar in style and more or less interchangeable
e.g. if you were calling it with a soap binding you can probably call
it instead jsonrpc or xmlrpc just by switching the @binding

Then we have a batch of resource-oriented bindings:
one more soon-to-be-released

the restrpc binding which I don't know much about, but the name
confuses me since I think of rest as resource oriented and rpc as

and finally the odd little tuscany binding which is a one-off for when
running PHP under control of the tuscany

What we need to do is to get some examples into CVS and then put some
documentation up about each one on the osoa site. Then I would quite
like to cut down on the amount of text in the php manual and point the
manual at the osoa site.


So, it looks like
On Apr 10, 3:13 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Just back from my Easter hols and I notice that a few new bindings
> have appeared in the BUZZARD branch. Can someone give me a quick
> update of what the status is?
> Regards
> Simon

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