On 4/16/07, cdouglas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have an XSD/XML combo I am trying to load but I am getting
> SDO_DAS_XML_ParserException  - unknown element errors when I try to
> load the string.  Doing a dump of the exception shows that a majority
> of the XML document loads fine, but this one small section gets this
> error.  If I use any other program to validate the XSD/XML, it is
> successful.
> Since it seems to be a problem with the Tuscany parser, is there a way
> for me to determine why this is erroring out without imposing on
> anyone else?
> Thanks
> Chris
> >
> Hi Chris, I've repeatedly tried to post this through the mail list
interface and it didn't arrive. Sorry if you see this more than once. I
don't see anything specific on the google grous support forum so I'll keep
my eye on it. I;ve notices a few other posts in the past talking about
problems posting messages. Anyhow....

I'm just looking at how the exceptions get thrown in the C++ code and the
message should be transferred from the underlying SDOXMLParserException into
the PECL extensions SDO_DAS_XML_ParserException. Clearly there is not enough
info in the exception to help you work out what's going on in your case
otherwise you wouldn't have posted this. There is debugging logging you can
turn on for the C++ SDO implementation (you need to set and environment
variable TUSCANY_SDOCPP_LOGGING) but I'm just going to try this and see if
it helps at all. I'll let you know.

If you are getting unknown element errors then it would seem to be the case
that SDO has found an element that it doesn't believe is adequately defined
by the schema. Is this a particualy complex type definition in the schema?
If we can track this down maybe I can have a crack at improving the
reporting to make this a bit easier in the future.



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