cdouglas wrote:
> I got the buzzard branch from cvs and installed it but the Tuscany sdo
> cpp version is still 00:09:0004, which is the version that my 1.1.2
> version on my production server shows. Did the version number not get
> updated correctly?

Chris, it's quite rare for the cpp version number to be updated. I have 
nagged them about this privately a few times, but that tends to just 
result in the number being updated once, because it's a human process. 
I'm not a Tuscany committer, and though I do give them a few patches, 
sorting out the version number is really a process thing rather than 
something I can offer them a patch for. I'll try asking again.

What we can depend on is the Subversion revision level, so in principle 
we could add something to the config.m4 to extract the most recent 
revision level from Tuscany source and record that in the phpinfo. In 
fact that's already on the SDO Wish List:
but I don't see it getting to the top any time soon.

Sorry this information isn't more helpful - but don't assume that an 
unchanged Tuscany version number means unchanged Tuscany code.

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