On 27 Apr, 16:39, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I did get some misbehaviour when I run these tests, but I have fixed
> them both.
> (1)
> One stems from the lines like this on in RestRpcTest.php::setUp() as
> follows:
>         $this->response = file_get_contents("SCA/phpunit/RestRpc/
> RestRpcTestService.response");
> I have fixed them to be like this:
>         $this->response = file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__) . "/
> RestRpcTestService.response");
> which makes the tests independent of where they are run from.
> (2)
> I have also changed uses of header() to SCA::sendHttpHeader(), which I
> originally put in so that we could add unit tests for anything coming
> out of header(); also it means you don't get the "Cannot modify header
> information" messages which I otherwise get all the time.
> I have checked these changes in.
> There is now only one failure which is the SMD generation test.  Shall
> I mark this as to be skipped? Or raise a defect?
> Matthew
> On Apr 27, 2:31 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > I've checked some tests in for JsonRpc and RestRpc Although they run I
> > am getting some warnings. I've taken the approach with the tests of
> > trying to push tests messages through as much of the infrastructure as
> > possible and parts of it are complaining about being run in a test
> > environment. Anyhow I prefer to have the tests with warnings rather
> > than no tests at all.
> > I've also added some more SCA examples base on some of the examples
> > that have been used at recent conferences.
> > Simon

Thanks for doing that Matthew. I didn't get a failure with SMD
generation so let me try it again wit your changes.


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