On 1 May, 08:44, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> Thank you, Caroline. The XmlRpc unit tests work fine with the fix.
> On 30 Apr, 16:45, cem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On Apr 27, 8:01 pm, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> > <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > The test fails because the elements of  an SDO list inside a complex
> > > type seem to be deleted when xmlrpc_encode_request is called on the
> > > SDO. There are no other references to the SDO, and the list is deleted
> > > when convert_to_array(sdo) is called by xmlrpc_encode_request. If the
> > > test retains another reference to the sdo, then it works fine. But I
> > > think the list should not get deleted. Here is a simple test which
> > > illustrates the problem, without using xmlrpc.
> > > The test creates an sdo which contains a list, and prints it before
> > > and after it is converted to an array. After the conversion, the field
> > > intArrayValue is empty. I would have expected to see an array with
> > > three integers.
> > > This can be fixed inside XMLRPC binding and the tests, but I think it
> > > should be fixed in the SDO implementation.
> > Rajini, you are right, there is a problem here. I'm not sure if it was
> > caused by a Tuscany change or simply exposed by my efforts to clear
> > out memory leaks of Tuscany DataObjects, probably the latter. The
> > problem is that Tuscany SDOLists are not reference-counted like
> > Tuscany SDODataObjects. So if, as in your example, you unset the only
> > reference to the DataObject, it disappears, taking the tree below with
> > it. If your $obj referred to a single-valued DataObject this would not
> > be a problem, because you're still holding a reference to it, but
> > holding a reference to the list doesn't make any difference.
> > I've checked in a fix to work round this for now, where the PHP
> > SDO_List holds a reference to the Tuscany SDOList's containing
> > DataObject as well as the list itself. This should fix the problem
> > you're seeing. I'll also start a dialogue with the Tuscany team about
> > how this is supposed to work.- Hide quoted text -
> > - Show quoted text -
Thanks Caroline/Rajini,

I've added the XmlRpc test back into the test suite


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