On 2 May, 15:57, Michael Caplan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi there,
> I am evaluating SDO_SCA for a project, and am _very_ interested in the
> functionality that is outlined in the upcoming 1.2 release (plugable
> bindings with support for REST and XML-RPM in particular).  I'm hoping
> to get a better feel for were the 1.2 release stands.  Looking at the
> 1.2 doc, it looks like this release is immanent.  If so, would it be
> wise to try to build against CVS HEAD, so I can play with these new
> features?
> Thanks,
> Mike

Hi Mike and welcome

We have been building up the code for the release in the branch
BUZZARD. We do it here because pecl4win builds from head and we didn't
want the pecl4win binaries to match the release function until it gets
released. Anyhow if you build form BUZZARD you should be good. The
release is imminent and when it happens we will copy the branch over
to head. Various people are doing testing so would be very interested
if you find problems or have other comments so let us know how you get



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